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The quality of Olczyk pellet is certified by the two most prestigious European quality certificates (Din-Plus and EN-Plus A1), which Olczyk Sawmill has been holding for several years as one of few producers in Poland. The essential element of pellet production in Olczyk Sawmill is the continuous supervision and factory quality control conducted every hours by qualified staff.

Olczyk pellet is high-energy fuel for boilers with a biomass burner. Order the best pellet straight from the producer! The most efficient pellet in bags for home heating.

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Tartak ,,Olczyk” Sp. z o. o.
Świdno 1,
29-105 Krasocin
Świętokrzyskie Province

Sales infoline:
Phone +48 41 39 17 331, +48 41 26 04 331