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  • High calorific value  ≥ 16.500 MJ/kg (4,6 kWh/kg)
  • Maximum humidity ≤ 10%
  • Bulk density 600 ≤BD≤ 750 kg/m3
  • Scanty content of ash ≤ 0,7%
  • Mechanical strength (abrasion) ≥ 98,00%

Carefully selected technology used for pellet production and a reliable source of the material is the secret of the highest quality of Olczyk pellet. 100% of coniferous wood in the form of pine, larch and fir wood and spruce timber is treated by barking, which makes chips and sawdust used for the production of pellet bark-free, which may contain mineral impurities i.e. sand. Getting rid of bark is one of the deciding factors affecting the content of ash in pellet and failure-free operation of the central heating boiler.

  • Comfort and cleanness
  • Low emission of CO₂
  • Renewable energy resource
  • Combustion in unattended boilers
  • Low content of ash
  • Availability and ease of purchase

Watch how our pellet is produced
and see for yourself in what high quality of the product you receive

1 kg of pellet
3 kg of timber
1 kg of pellet
1,2l of oil
1 t of pellet
1 t of coal
1 m3 of solid wood
0,5 t of pellet

Olczyk pellet is stored in sealed silos for bulk distribution.

Description Coal  MJ/kg Pellet MJ/kg
Calorific value MJ/Kg circa 25 16,5
Moisture content  % unspecified depends on a resource ≤ 10
Content of ash % almost 12 % ≤ 0,7
Temperature of smoke conduit, chimney degrees C – what we lose up to 160 degrees C up to 50 degrees C with a dedicated boiler
Automatic heating No Yes
Automatic cleaning of smoke tubes allowing for constant maintenance of boiler efficiency No Yes
Automatic ash removal No Yes, it is enough to empty the ash container twice a year for a detached house
What to do with ash It should be transported to stockpile Perfect fertilizer for your garden
Cleanness during your contact with the fuel No Yes
Smell in boiler room Bad smell Neutral
Smell outside your home Bad smell Neutral
Is the fuel ecological No Yes


Olczyk pellet is high-energy fuel for boilers with a biomass burner. Order the best pellet straight from the producer! The most efficient pellet in bags for home heating.

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