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Polish Olczyk Pellet – naturally pure energy

Olczyk pellet is produced only from pure sawdust (without additions of bark and binders), which makes the product have the best energy properties and characteristics. Steam is the only product we use for weight standardization in the granulation process. Storing comfort, huge energy of combustion and scarce content of ash are the features of Olczyk pellet!

OLCZYK Sawmill has belonged to the fastest developing factories in timber industry in Poland for several years.
It is an undisputed leader
in timber and rafter
framing production

Olczyk pellet is high-energy fuel for boilers with a biomass burner. Order the best pellet straight from the producer! The most efficient pellet in bags for home heating.

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Tartak ,,Olczyk” Sp. z o. o.
Świdno 1,
29-105 Krasocin
Świętokrzyskie Province

Sales infoline:
Phone +48 41 39 17 331, +48 41 26 04 331